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Tork Motorcycles: India’s first electric motorcycle startup

Tork Motorcycles launch

Kapil Shelke, founder of “Tork Motorcycles” is a mechanical engineer and is passionate about racing. “Tork Motorcycles” is based out of Pune. All he wants is to give India its first electric racing motorcycle. Youngsters are not just interested in bikes, many have a passion for racing. “TORK MOTORCYCLES”   is here to fulfil their dreams. This bike is ideal for people who crave speed.

Tork motorcycles have raised angel funding from Ola founders Bhavesh Agarwal and Ankit Bhati and other angels, including Harpreet Grover, Cocubes co-founder and Chief Executive Officer. Tork has won many races at various events like “The Isle Man TT” and “SNETTERTON, UK” under “Tork India” racing banner.

Tork has launched India’s first electric motorcycle. The future of Indian electric motorcycles seems radiant after “Tork” has successfully built its five prototypes. Tork motorcycles launched their sixth bike and the first mass-market electric motorcycle called T6X. The Tork T6x is the first Indian commercial electric motorcycle. This motorcycle made big headlines in last few years. If you are crazy about racing, you must have heard about Tork motors.

Tork revealed T6X in Bengaluru in September last year. Since then, the company received pre-bookings 10 times more than expected. Mr Shelke said, “This bike is on testing period and will require minor improvements and the company is currently talking to Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI)”. Tork T6X has been priced at INR 1.24 Lakhs. T6X is a result of innovation and excellent engineering put in by researchers for almost 7 years. This bike has a flashy look. This bike is extremely beneficial for the rides within the city. This bike requires comparatively lesser maintenance when compared to other conventional models.

Tork T6x has many new, sporty, and exciting features.

Tork T6X Electric Motorcycle

Quick facts and Summary

The body is electric, fuel type is also electric. This bike gives you an average of 100 km per charge. They say “The future of personal transport is here”. The electronic motor vehicle T6X produces 27 Nm of torque and can obtain 100 mph at top speed. Weighing just 130kg, T6X even claims a mileage of 100 kilometres on a single charge. It carries nearly every safety feature like dual disc brakes, ABS, Anti-theft alarm and takes just 60 minutes to charge the battery. It rivals none, as its exclusive place makes it the best electric two-wheeler of the country.

The engine specifications are:

Maximum torque is 27 nm and its motor is brushless DC 6KW.

The gearbox and clutch is single speed.

Dimensions and Weight

The overall Length, Width, and height of T6X are 1960mm, 784mm, 1085mm. The seat height is 785mm, ground clearance is 160mm, wheelbase is 1336mm and the last but not the least thing is wet weight is 130kg. The bike runs on 17-inch tubeless tires.

Brakes and safety

This bike has a front brake of 267mm disc and the rear brake is 220mm Disc. Anti-locking system is one of the safety features and regenerative braking system is also included.

Suspension and wheel travel

The front suspension is telescopic forks and rear suspension is spring loaded hydraulic.

Tire size and wheels

The front tire is 100/80-17 and the rear tire is 120/80-17 inch. The type of wheel is alloy and both the tires are tubeless.

Instrument console features

The speedometer, trip meter, odometer, clock all these things are Digital. And low battery indicator is also included.

Comfort and convenience features

The bike can be stated electrically .this bike also has pillow grab rail, pillion footrest, and step-up seat/split seat is also included.

Battery and electrical

This bike may take 60 minutes for charging. The battery box has been cast aluminium IP 67. The life of the batter is 1000 cycles. The type of battery is Lithium Ion (Advanced battery management system). The capacity is 72ah and voltage is 48v.


Headlight may be 12v-35/35w, tail light, turn signal light(front), and turn signal lights(rear) all these are LED and LED lamps are also included.

Now, we can proudly say, India is completely ready to compete with future technology.

7 thoughts on “Tork Motorcycles: India’s first electric motorcycle startup”

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  3. Sachin Sinha says:

    Beautiful! Such enthusiasts can change the future of India. Lovely

    1. Varghese Abraham says:

      Range per charge should have been 150 km minimum. Price very high.

  4. Varghese Abraham says:

    Price very high for tork t6x, why??

  5. Varghese Abraham says:

    Price very high for this tork t6x

  6. Varghese Abraham says:

    Range should have been 150 km per charge

  7. Varghese Abraham says:

    Good bike, price high, range should have been 150 km minimum.

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