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Startup Learning Program by StartedIndia

Startup Learning Program by StartedIndia

StartedIndia’sĀ Startup Learning Program is our initiative to develop a culture of an Educated Entrepreneurship.

Since 2007 ( Launch year of Flipkart), StartupĀ has become a lucrative term. People have started realizing that every problem they face, the solution of that is a Business Idea. Most of the engineers and other techies are taking advantage of their knowledge and trying to build a solution for the society. They build awesome products and by managing to get funding, they somehow launch the startup.

According to research, 90 out of 100 Startups fails only 10 of them manages to survive. Do you know what is the biggest reason for that?

Most of the Brilliant Engineers don’t know how to run a Business. That is where Learning how to do it is important to thrive.

Keeping that in mind, we have designed our program which will make you aware of the very basic tools of survival in the Jungle of Business.



Business Plan & Business Model Canvas

Finance Fund Raising & Valuation

Product Development, Hiring & Outsourcing


Business Registration & Legal


Training Program Details

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