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Forget the data storage risks with DRUVA: A company with 3,000+ customers, $65 million+ in funding

Druva : Data Security company

From the day man discovered fire till today; we humans are continuously developing, becoming better, and educating ourselves. Every day we learn new things; we store it in our brain and use it when it’s needed. It’s the data that we have stored in our memory which keeps us alive and makes us capable of doing things that we have practiced before. In a similar way a company, business or an organisation has enormous amounts of sensitive data which is of utmost importance and any entrepreneur or businessman doesn’t want to put it at high risk. “Druva” helps a company in storing and managing their data. Simply, forget the data storage risks with Druva.

Druva is the global leader in Cloud Data Protection and Management, delivering the industry’s first data management-as-a-service solution. Druva is one of the most secure and efficient services that help companies in creating a successful tomorrow.

Educating ourselves is equivalent to storing data in our brains. So, how much data can an organization have? An organization will have data about confidential statistics, Employee details, data about business deals, etc. These data can’t be simply packed up, kept in a locker and assumed to be safe. Nowadays, the corporate sector relies heavily on computers and internet to store their data which is not 100 percent safe.

Data protection and management by Druva is simple yet an efficient way to keep your data away from risks. Druva provides data security services which ensuring you don’t have to waste your time, efforts and money on keeping it safe. With Druva, you can control all your organization’s data from your laptop. The data which took years of hard work and dedication is at your fingertips. It’s that simple.

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In the era of hackers and cybercriminals, keeping data without any safety measures is similar to “feeding lamb to wolves”.

There are millions and billions of ways in which someone could shatter your dreams within a fraction of seconds. One of them is stealing or manipulating your data. Data loss can happen in many ways such as technical glitch, manual mistake, Ransom-ware attacks, etc. Ransom-ware attacks have already been successful in destroying the future of several companies, which were riding on the tide of success. So, the major concern is ensuring the safety of data. But along with safety, organizations also want portability and efficiency. Druva, abiding by all these expectations provides a complete package of safety, portability and efficiency. It also works as a guide in data governance and management. Druva is a cloud-based utility that makes it easily accessible anywhere.

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What makes this data protection service so special is its easy recovery of data.

“Druva is a totally cloud-based service which is the reason for its efficiency and easier accessibility is what the founder Mr Jaspreet Singh and Vice-president Jake Burns believe.”

Crucial data is everywhere and as it is increasing in volume every day, it is important to store it safely. But the company’s workstations can’t really be thought of as an efficient means to store crucial data as they come with their own risks. Cloud is something that can be called as a new brain when it comes to storing data with not less but no risks at all. It also helps companies in shortening time to market for applications, trying out new services and most important tearing down the big mountains of money that you have to pay to keep your data safe. Druva really helps to concentrate on business and other important aspects rather than worrying and wasting company’s valuable time and efforts for securing data. Druva CEO and founder Jaspreet Singh believe that cloud is more of a business transformation trend rather than a technology trend.

It’s how you work comfortably and efficiently without putting in efforts for data security and things like data management, backups and archives. These things will be taken care of by Druva.

Now that, Druva has different types of customers, the goal is to make it easier to use and keep it safer than ever. Druva also offers software known as Druva Phoenix which helps you to backup your data anytime you want, which is often a very difficult and time-consuming job. Think of it as an empty space which is just created for you have no parameters or boundaries to stop you from storing data. It’s something which can be called infinite but can be controlled through your fingertips. You can control different workloads separately; this means you can manage office 365 and other data differently without jumbling or mixing it up.

Druva is and has become an important part of the corporate world because data safety is of utmost priority for every organization in the current scenario and Druva provides you unified, simple and affordable means along with the utmost level of data security.

Written by- Kavilp Parvar ( Guest Writer)”

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