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Carpe-Ad | A Tech based Transit Media Startup

Have you ever come across a Car or Bus having some really cool posters all over its body? If you have then you must have got to know about any service/product of some company that day. Well, that’s called Transit media.

Carpe-Ad, a Startup started by a young passionate Entrepreneur Vivek Rajalingam gives you real-time analytics of the number of people who came across your Ad, claims the founder. The Startup wraps the cars with some really cool advertisements for your company on them. Since the Car moves around the city, your ads get a large number of eyeballs and with the technology used by the company you can even know the statistics. Carpe-Ad is a combination of both online and offline marketing.

How does it work?

  1. Based on the requirement of the company, the Carpe-Ad designs a campaign plan
  2. The Creatives are printed and wrapped over the cars
  3. The drivers are given with a Mobile App which is responsible for generating analytics data

About the Founder

After working for several years as Technical Content Writer for a well-known firm, an Entrepreneurial insect bit him. He started looking for the ideas on which he can work and came up with this one.

“As a content writer, you come across so many contents of different types. I saw an opportunity in Transit Media when I did a little research in this field- said Vivek.”

Vivek is running the company with his Co-founder and his Wife Prachi Kadam.


The startup so far is self-funded and is looking for Angel Investors.

Why Transit Media?

  1. It’s more effective than Billboards
  2. It Costs less than that of Billboards
  3. Short Attention Seeking time
  4. Gets more eyeballs

Transit media was started in some part of London where handbills were suspended to the walls/handles of the public buses. Since then, there has been a gradual increase and improvement in the quantity and quality of transit advertising and now it has come to the stage where we can say that the Transit media is the future of offline Advertisement.

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